Apple Cider Vinegar – health benefits!

Apple Cider Vinegar – health benefits!

Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar has some amazing health benefits including: reducing bad cholesterol, regulating blood pressure & improving bowel movement regularity among many others.

apple vinegar health benefitsGood Girl Moonshine Recipe

This is an amazing recipe that I found. Whether trying to find a healthy alternative to energy drink or sports drink, good girl moonshine will do wonders for you. Personally, I like to take some along to the gym with me as a natural alternative to sports drinks. I feel good when I drink it …and it tastes awesome! Now for that recipe:

I like to use a quart sized canning jar. You can use whatever you have, just know that this recipe is for a quart. I’ve personalized this recipe with the addition of a few optional ingredients that I add. You can experiment with yours to taste.

  • Fill quart jar/cup with 1/2 cup of warm water (microwave for about 3o seconds) and add 2 teaspoons of raw honey. Stir until the honey dissolves.

Helpful Hint⇒ At this point I add some ice cubes to cool the mixture down before adding the apple cider vinegar so it maintains its potency

  • Add 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar (I like to use Braggs, it works better than any others I have tried – I’ll get into why in the reviews section later)
  • A little lemon juice to taste optional (to add some extra antioxidant properties)
  • A dash of cayenne pepper optional (good if your fighting off that cold or flu, don’t add too much though!)
  • Add 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Add pinch of sea salt (alternatively I prefer to use Himalayan salt because of its electrolytes and trace minerals)
  • Put on lid & shake fill 1/2 with ice and the rest with cold water… enjoy all day!

Great Health Benefits!

So to break down the ingredients and their health benefits:

Cinnamon & Honey – A great combo!

  •  Cinnamon improves circulation and is a warming spice
  •  Raw honey combined with cinnamon has been shown to improve peoples mental alertness, and increase the metabolism
  •  Eases digestion and prevents gas!
  •  Increases the immune systems ability to ward off colds and flu’s

Ginger – A breath of fresh airGinger

  • Helps reduce bad breath
  •  Strengthens the immune system
  •  Stops heartburn, relieves bloating, cramps & gas
  •  Helps maintain glucose levels
  •  An aid in the prevention of morning sickness

Apple cider vinegar – An Alkaline vinegar??

  • Apple cider vinegar is very rich in Ash which is why its alkaline. It helps your body be more alkaline than acidic, this is especially important if you are drinking coffee or wine regularly.
  • It also contains a high amount of malic acid which gives it its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Helps to clear up skin conditions and blemishes.
  • Potassium rich, this is important as a lot of us are lacking in this key nutrient. Your body needs a adequate supply of potassium to transmit nerve impulses, regulate heart activity, and much more.

I hope that this information has helped you in some way. If have time, I would love to hear your thoughts/questions on apple cider vinegar or any of the other content here. Please leave a comment below!






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10 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar – health benefits!

  1. Wow this concoction looks like there’s a wealth of benefits. I didn’t know there were so many benefits of apple cider vinegar. I may have to give this a try. Well written article with some great information.

  2. My wife actually just came home with a bottle of Braggs Apple cider vinegar just the other day. I asked her what it was for and she told me she would be adding one teaspoon in half a bottle of water a day to start and work up to up to two times a day by the end of the week for health benefits. I was skeptical and gave her a hard time. After doing some research and coming across your article, I guess I owe her a big apology (not the first time. She is way smarter than me). Now I can’t wait to show her your recipe for Good Girl Moonshine. In fact, I already sent her the link to this page. I will also be joining her. Do you know if this will work for dieting too? Thanks for showing me the light.

    1. Hi Patrick!

      Thanks for the comment! Yes Apple Cider Vinegar (and the ingredients in Good Girl Moonshine) help to improve your metabolism which will help with dieting. Glad I could help!


  3. Great article! I have read alot about apple cider vinegar and I think I will need to start my regimen soon. I recently also read how it can also help to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics, and I am a type II so it is definitely worth the try. Good content and information! Thank you

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Glad that you were able to find my article useful! If you would like more helpful info, consider signing up for my email list or subscribing to my feedburner feed as I regularly post new content.
      – Tony

  4. I absolutely agree about the apple cider vinegar. I just started taking a daily dose in water, and though the taste leaves a lot to be desired, the benefits are great. I am going to give your recipe a try. That’s got to be way better than just drinking it in water. Awesome info, thanks!

  5. Great information! Thank you! I always have a bottle of Bragg’s ACV sitting in my cupboard but rarely use it because I haven’t found a recipe that I like. But your special recipe sounds like it should taste so much better than what I have tried so far. Thank you for the article.

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